All Hallows' Night

Tanya Nehmelman


1 crooked smile

2 prying eyes

3 devilish grins

4 skeptic kids

6th smashed jackolantern

7 minutes til midnight

8 bats flutter overhead

9 howls echo

10 flashes of lightening

11 thousand rushing heartbeats

12 church bells ring



1 ravenous spirit

2 wicked eyes

3 girlish screams

4 stolen souls

5 roaming ghosts

7 tricks played

8 horrified screams

10 bouts of cynical laughter

11 seconds til daybreak

12 months wandering between worlds


And the winners are...
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Inner Sins Magazine
Issue 13 - Sep 2013
In third place we have All Hallows' Eve. This one screamed Halloween and instantly brought to mind creepy and scary nights alone in the dark. The numbers were worked in well and the ending was creative and lingering.
Nice job, Tanya!

Alien Meat

Barney E. Abrams

1 brilliant flash and it came into the world

2 days in which to kill and eat

4 humans lived in that house

6 hours it waited, until they were asleep

7 times circling the house

9 months of hunger, wanting flesh

12 short steps to the door

13 more across the floor

14 slow breaths from her delicate mouth

28 beats of her tasty little heart

48 razor sharp teeth ready to start


1 quick shot to its head

3 weeks since they had a decent meal

4 growling bellies

8 hungry eyes

12 recipes mom had never tried

15 ways to chop it up

18 pieces in the pot

20 more, smoked and dried

30 pounds of meat, grade A certified

38 minutes to cook it done

53 days until the next alien comes




Sydney Leigh



1 more time youíll give me

2 black eyes be-

4 I put an end to this

5 times youíve almost put me

6 feet underground

9 broken bones

12 hospital stays

13 stitches across my brow

17 years together

19 police reports

25 times Iíve tried to escape

30 strikes more you give for each one

34 years old and canít look ahead



1 way ticket out of town

3 bags packed

5 hundred dollars saved

7 oíclock Iím ready for you

9 mm

12 rounds loaded in the clip

15 minutes until youíre home

17 paces from the door to the bedroom

19 seconds of gunfire

21 shallow breaths before your last one

24 hours

30 times that in miles

35 years old and canít look back


Third Place
Second Place
In Second place with have the deliciously titled, Alien Meat. The name itself brings to mind some strange imagery. The numbers flowed with the story and the lines told a great deal with few words. The story was dark and nasty. Just the way we like it!
Great job, Barney!
At last, we have reached the apex of our list of winners. In first place, we have a masterpiece of the Cross Words genre. The effective use of the numbers is fabulous and the slow build to climax made it feel as if you were reading a story, not just lines from a crossword puzzle. Each stanza told it's own separate, yet fully interwoven tale. Dark and foreboding, it is exactly what we were looking for from this contest.
Fantastic job, Sydney and keep up the great work!
First Place